Saturday Sep 30, 2023

 Life as an expats in Dubai


Five years ago when I came to Dubai with so many dreams in my eyes. As I wanted to work in Dubai and support my family. I applied of a job as an electrical engineer and I won the job opportunity here. It was my greatest dream to get a government job here. The company gave me apartment to live in and a car for the sake of transport. Serving here for four years I decided to get married. Now I had to decide if Dubai is safe enough to bring my family here.

Dubai environment is so safe even for a single women.

One of the safest cities in the world is Dubai. The laws are so strict that no one will be able to break them. Nobody is above the law here. This makes the city a very safe place to reside. Women who are single can live in the city without fear. The city is one of the safest in the entire world. For a single businesswoman to enter the market, Dubai market is suitable one. Women feel safe enough to live alone or with their children in places like Forest Villas Dubai. So I decided to bring my wife here and it turned out to be a good decision. My wife is safe even when she is not with me and she works as well in a huge company. In Dubai, women are so protected that they don’t need to bring a family member with them everywhere. Dubai is one of the world’s safest cities. The government’s policies are at play here, and the police are extremely effective.

When I came here and saw the great infrastructure I fell in love with the city. The communities here such as Forest Villas Dubai, are so good to live in.

Dubai has one of the largest populations of expats living here. Expats make up about 80% of the Dubai population. The UAE only makes up 20% of the population. These 80% come here for employment and business. Why do so many people travel to Dubai? Because the salaries are so high. The city stands out in comparison to other cities throughout the globe because of this reason.

No need to worry about the theft

Sometimes I accidently leave my car unlocked; I never go back and lock the car because I know my car is safe. People don’t feel unsafe if they forget to lock their home even. So isn’t it heaven on earth?  So much safety and no existence of theft.

Due to the presence of various significant international corporations, Dubai offers a variety of professional opportunities for foreign nationals. Dubai has a variety of Zero Income Tax laws due to the sizeable amount of foreign firms and investments from multinational corporations. That is why investors from all around the world are looking for properties for sale in Dubai.

In Dubai, none of your income is subject to tax. This shows that your yearly income is unaffected by tax deductions. The potential for increased income is one of the main reasons people search for jobs in Dubai.


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