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How To Draw A Bubble Letter P

Bubble P

Bubble Letter P

A step-by-step drawing guide for your bubble letter P The missive P is the sixteenth letter of the alphabet. It’s a relatively rare script that most people find quite easy to learn to write. You may also learn about this drawing scary drawings, cartoon drawings, puppy drawings, cute girl drawings, cute girls to draw easy drawings,3d drawings and many more drawings.

It retains its form, whether uppercase or lowercase, but the lowercase version goes further down the line, making it even easier to learn. Writing that letter is relatively easy, but what happens when you start turning it into more creative shapes and forms? In this guide, we’ll explain how you can learn how to draw a speech bubble with the letter P in just 6 easy and fun steps. Not only that, but we’ll also be looking at some fun ideas to make it even more unique later on!

Let’s start


All you have to accomplish is pull a P using your favourite writing style. It is also a great way to plan its size on the page. You can try drawing it without this guide, but it can be a great way to make it easier. It’s up to you, but we’re good to go either way! The letter P has a columnar spine on the left side. That’s where we’ll start, and we’ll start with a curved vertical line. Our reference image will show bending to prepare for the next rows. When you’re happy with how it looks, we can move on to Step 2 of the guide!


Step 2 will be very simple, and we will add to the line you drew in the previous step. In this step, we draw the side of the column to the left of the letter. In this second step, we will draw the base of this column. Continuing from the end of the previous line, fold it then up. The reference image shows you how it should look, and you can draw it slowly to ensure it’s smooth. Blending the lines from steps 1 and 2 into one stroke will help make it smoother. When this part of the column is complete, we will continue with step 3 of the guide, where we will complete the outer outline of the letter.


There is now a large space to the right of the letter P of the bubble, and we will fill it in this step. As you can visit in the contact print, this will be accomplished with an unmarried curved streak. It’s one of the longest lines in this design, so it can be tricky if you’re rushing. You can start from the top or bottom of the space left. When you’ve decided where to start, keep your hand as steady as possible while adding the rounded line we show in the reference image. Make it as rounded as possible to give it that bubble effect. When it’s removed, you’re accomplished with the outer shape. If you have drawn a pencil guide to help you, it would be a good idea to erase it now, as you won’t need it and it will make it more difficult to draw internal details.


We aim to make this P look like it’s made out of a bubble, so we’ll shape the hole in the center to fit this look better. Instead of a rounded shape, it will have a shape closer to the letter D. The reference image shows how it should look. You will also see in the connection that the stripe at the base left of the note overlays a while. This will give the impression that the balloon material it would be made of is stacking on itself. When you’ve drawn this inner part of the letter, we’re ready for some final touches in the next step.


This small oval will make the light reflect off the surface of the text, making it look less flat on the page. Next, we’ll add a few lines along the inside contours of the letter P. This will help make the letter even less flat and more like a rounded object with depth. You can replicate how we did it on our reference image, but you can also place these lines in different places. Before continuing, be sure to add any other details you want! These could go inside the outlines, such as small patterns or shapes inside the larger ones. Or you can draw a background and add more letters alongside! Whatever you decide, we can move on to the final step when you’re done.


Now it’s time to finish your drawing with some colour! It’s a step that leaves you b



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